About S.I.T.D.A.

As children some of us dream of being astronauts, superheroes, doctors, or unicorns.  We have always dreamed of becoming dance teachers.  It is our dream to bring the magic and wonder back into dance.  As time has gone on dance studios have become so competitive and harsh.  The love and fun has been torn away leaving it cold and scary.  We believe that in every job that must be done there is an element of fun.  We want to create a dance space where children, teens, and adults can come to learn and be creative.  We want to teach how to love the art of dance on all levels not only from a competitive stand point but from a recreational standpoint as well.  All ages are welcome to join in the fun and love your imagination again! It takes a lot to believe in yourself.  It’s very scary to put yourself out there and to speak your mind.  Today we are all so stuck in our technologies that we forget about everyday interaction.  Bringing in a dance studio that involves all ages and styles can help us open up again.  It will help us to interact on many levels instead of burying our faces in a computer screen.  Life is out there waiting so go and get it.  Join us on our journey.  Open different doors, you may find a you you never knew was yours.

*Inspired by Mary Poppins*