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Step In Time Dance Academy's primary objective is to build confidence and creativity. We strive to provide a place for our students to make friends for life,  build vocabulary, use their imagination,  and gain confidence and coordination in all aspects of  our program. We hope to encourage and congratulate our students' hard work. We strive to instill a positive attitude and respect towards others throughout all productions. SITDA aims to create an environment of respect, diversity, and equality throughout our theater program.  We guide the way for a students to create a brighter future.


Theater Classes

New Theater opportunities available at Step In Time Dance Academy

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Acting 101
Tuesday 5pm-6pm

Instructed by Melissa Sullivan who started out at Emerson College in Boston majoring in theatre. She later transferred to the University of New Mexico and graduated with BFA in theatre. After graduating she moved to Los Angeles where she did theatre , extra work, and also some voice over work.

What to expect in Acting 101:

  • Students will start with improv. Improv games can be really fun, and they help actors learn how to react quickly and to always be reacting to your environment and other characters around you.

  • Students will do scene study work, and character development.

  • Students will work on character and scenes from a show they are currently in or something they've always wanted to try.

  • Students will work on monologs. Monologs are important for auditions and developing technique

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Behind the Scenes: Set Building, Lighting, Sound
Wednesday 5pm-6pm

  • Learn the history, the when, why, and how of set building, lighting design, and sound.

  • Learn how to light a show for a live performance, how to intergrade music and vocal amplification into SITDA shows. How to use an an audio mixing board, operate wireless microphone systems, balance audio frequencies.

  • Learn how to build set pieces, flats, specialty props and manage a budget both monetarily and time management.

  • Get the opportunity to learn how to use hand and power tools and the proper applications of materials in order to make a safe and incredible set.

** Must be 11+ to attend this class.**

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Costume Design
Thusday 5pm-6pm

  • Learn the basics of costume design with a strong foundation in preparation by understanding the time period, location, and personalities of the characters.

  • Learn about the background and prep that goes into costuming a show

  • Work as a class to sketch and design costumes based on research and collaboration with the director and other production departments.

  • Gain practical, hands on experience by assisting in costuming SITDA shows.

  • Learn to take measurements, source costumes, fit them to the actors, complete basic alterations, and style costumes.

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